Can you help?

Without our team of  excellent volunteers giving a few hours each month the Centre would not be able to function Рthey are the life blood of the service we offer. Would you like to help the local community and be part of a friendly lively team, on a Monday and/or a Friday?

There are  three different volunteer roles:

  • As a helper with the Manager, meeting and talking with guests, serving tea and coffee, preparing for lunch and serving the meals, washing up after lunch, leaving the Manager and the helpers to attend to the guests.
  • Drivers who collect the hot lunch box from the Walnut Tree Inn and deliver it to the Centre.
  • Helping with fund-raising activities.

If you’d like to help as a volunteer, contact our Manager to discuss the opportunities. You can send an email to her at manager(at)meredaycentre.org.uk

Here is what some of our volunteers say about their work at the centre:

“Having worked as a volunteer at Rosemary Goddard for nearly two years now, I feel well qualified to be able to promote the rewarding benefits of volunteering at the centre, always enjoyable.” — Sallyann

“I like meeting the guests and love talking to them about anything and everything, they all have interesting histories.” — Moon, volunteer for over six years

“I just wanted to help in some way and was not terribly confident at first so preferred to be in the kitchen.” — Nancy

“I enjoy volunteering at the Day Centre as I get to meet a lovely group of people who mostly live alone and who get a great deal of pleasure from meeting each other and taking part in various activities and occasional outings. They are very appreciative of all that is done for them, we also join in with many of the games and activities and have great fun!” — Pat

Volunteers wait on table at the Christmas lunch

Volunteers wait on table at the Christmas lunch