What guests say

Having a regular social engagement helps prevent older people becoming housebound through loss of confidence and depression. Guests say that attending the centre makes ‘the difference between living and existing’, and keeps them focussed, motivated and mentally active. The long-term benefits are evidenced by the way our guests have been able to maintain independence, even as their physical health has declined over the years.

Our guests make new friends, often with different types of people they would not have previously met, including those of other cultures and beliefs. The variety of activities helps break down social barriers, as they are designed to encourage curiosity and discussion in a safe and supportive environment.

What is it like to enjoy a day at the Mere Day Centre? The best people to answer that question are the guests themselves. Here are some of their comments in their own words. “The centre offers age-appropriate activities and the ability to mix with people our own age. Often other things within the community are not geared towards our age group and we find them difficult to access. With the help of the day centre, we can go to local places and feel part of the community. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the centre’s support”.

“However a day is spent at this Day Centre it is always most beautifully organised and we all owe a great deal of gratitude, not only to our brilliant young manager, Sandie, but also her tireless group of volunteers and of course the incredible and important band of Trustees who keep their eagle eye on everything that goes on for our well being and enjoyment at this  Centre” — Margaret T

Margaret and Edna

Margaret and Edna

“Reason for going to MDC is to meet friends and have a good natter and a laugh (and dinner of course!). Also I enjoy the games and quizzes that Sandie organises to try to get our brains working” — Edna M

“Everyone is so kind, thoughtful and most helpful, it’s a great meeting place. I look forward to my days at the Centre, it is a most valued organisation” — Myra